About our Mission

The employees at Précon are leading professionals who are committed to supporting our customers with respect to all types of issue relating to realising safe and authentic products. We do not limit ourselves to a specific sector, country or continent but set our boundaries on the basis of expertise in food, non-food, governance and learning. The result is sustainable customisation whereby the customer makes the difference.

For customers who want the best for their customers

It is our aim to support customers so that they can excel. How? By firming up issues and seeking out the best possible solutions: from consultancy to outsourcing and learning. But also, for example, by using an interim professional if you (temporarily) don’t have the required expertise or capacity. In all cases, we attach great value to the match with your business culture, the personal ‘click’, because we believe this is a deciding-factor in terms of success.

We believe that delivering genuine craftsmanship must go without saying

Optimum performance starts with our professionals. To ensure that the quality is as high as possible, the personal development of our professionals is one of our main focus areas. Not only via educational and challenging tasks, but also via courses and training which continuously add to the degree of professionalism. We treat our customers as we’d like to be treated ourselves. With integrity, practicality and a focus on achieving the necessary results. We see this reflected in our trusted customer base, within which we tackle interesting tasks.

Sustainable and committed

In our approach to sustainable solutions, we opt for respect for the environment and society. We understand the challenges facing our customers, enjoy working with them and also offering support in this context.
You can count on us today and in the future.

Marcel Tijhuis,
Managing Director at Précon Consulting Group B.V.

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