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Why is it good to work at Précon?

Précon is a leading consulting and training agency in the international market for food, consumer products and animal food.

Précon supports customers with issues about food and product safety and quality management. With 100 motivated professionals and a comprehensive range of services, we help businesses create improved operations and excellent products that can make a difference.

Within our group, Précon Quality Services specialises in non-food consumer products. The rapid growth of this new specialisation means we are seeking new colleagues who will work with us on the future of Précon and its customers.

What will you do?

No two days are ever the same. Today, you’re on location with a retailer and a category manager, determining the product specifications for the next sourcing trip to China. Tomorrow morning, you’re providing training on setting up and implementing a product recall process and supporting your office colleagues in answering complex legislative questions.

You will enjoy the variation in the work at our office in Bunnik and work at the customer’s location, in fathoming complex issues and rapidly switching gears when the customer needs you to, and processing issues on an operational level and providing strategic advice. You will retain an overview and will be adept at passing on the ‘secrets’ of quality assurance to your audience in a comprehensible manner.

Précon employees are independent and enterprising professionals. In your contact with customers you will serve as an expert in the field and recognise new opportunities to further assist the customer. You will be part of one or more customer teams. If you have a good idea and see an opportunity, you will have the freedom to further investigate the possibilities. We will work together on your future and the future of Précon!

We are continuously involved in your professional development. Our professional groups will support you via knowledge days and training in order to keep your expertise up-to-date. You will work on your personal development with your Précon coach. Together, we will ensure that the issues that you process and the customers that you independently support match your specific expertise, experience and ambition.

What do we expect of you?

As the basis for our collaboration, we expect you to have been working in the quality assurance area for a non-food company for the past 3 to 5 years.

Alongside extensive knowledge of QA, you also have experience of the related processes such as product development, sourcing and buying.

In your current role, you are a point of contact for QA questions and ask critical questions about the QA policy. You will enjoy sharing your experience and knowledge with category managers, buyers and directors. You are passionate about doing so and share your expertise during individual conversations, small meetings or larger presentations. If the situation requires you to pull up your sleeves and get stuck in, you don’t hesitate.

In short, you have developed to become an independent professional who is ready to make the next career step and learn on-the-job.

Your work will take place within the worldwide trade in non-food products. A good command of English and the willingness to work across the Netherlands is vital.

What do we offer?

We offer you a full-time job in a dynamic and progressive organisation with a very informal culture. Our team comprises 15 young, enthusiastic professionals who collectively realise the best results for our customers. Together with our other colleagues, we form a team of 100 driven professionals.

In this role, the expansion and development of customer relationships is central. You are the point of contact for your customers’ QA questions. You will also supervise your junior consultants in applying their expertise and they can come to you with any questions. You can take on the role of project leader in a larger customer team.

The combination of experience that is shared via our professional groups, and the supervision from your personal coach, will enable us to work on your further development so that you are ready to take the next step within Précon in 2-3 years.

Are you interested or do you have further questions?

Get in touch with Judith Rosenboom for a personal introduction or explanation. You can contact Judith on: +31 (0)30 – 65 66 010. You can also email her on:

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